A THC-free CBD for proactive, whole-body wellness.

A THC-free CBD for proactive, whole-body wellness.

Made for daily use

Reimagine your routine with TruZen®.

TruZen® CBD is formulated to help you reach that higher state of well-being—both immediately and over time—without any THC. And yes, it’s safe to use every single day.

It quickly helps with anxiety and sleep. Consistent usage helps bring your body back to balance by providing support for your gut and skin, reducing aches and pains, and giving your overall immune response a boost.*

Shop CBD *Individual results may vary.

When to take your daily dose

Boost your wellness

Take mid-morning for whole body balance

10:00 A.M.

Help relieve anxiety + stress

Take in a.m. when you wake Or 1-2 hours before a stressful event

07:00 A.M.

Get better sleep

Take in p.m. 1-2 hours before bed

08:00 A.M.